He who studies a foreign language takes his hat off to another nation.

(T. Wilder)


The lessons

In my standard courses, I focus on a sound basic vocabulary that is used in everyday life and which is useful, for example, when travelling.


Practical exercises strengthen your vocabulary and basic grammar. I train pronunciation, writing and listening skills.

Individual tuition

Private tuition is tailored entirely to your requirements. You can choose whether you wish to come to me or be taught in your own home.

Tuition for couples

Ideal for participants who want to learn with their partner.

Evening courses

Language courses for those who have little time during the day.

Group courses

You prefer to learn in a group? Then a group course is the best option for you.

Business courses

For those participants who would like to learn business Spanish with its special vocabulary.

Weekend courses

Special courses for everybody.

Conversation courses

You already have a basic knowledge of Spanish and would like to improve your skills? Here we talk to each other about current themes from the news, literature, cinema etc.

Courses for babies


It is known that foreign languages are best learnt as early as possible. In the first few years of its life, a child learns a foreign language in a natural way.

Children's courses (from 3 years old)

Play and make things, and learn Spanish at the same time—a good alternative without any pressure and fear of report cards; classes grouped according to age (from 3 years on).

Coaching for schoolchildren

I offer regular help during the school year. By special arrangement, coaching can also be given during the holidays.

Language skills open doors to new personal and professional possibilities!