Those who don't know foreign languages know nothing of their own.

(J. W. von Goethe)


The door to new worlds

Language is the most important means of communication for people—and foreign language skills can help you open doors to a new world.

Spanish is the most widely spoken Romance language with over 400 million native speakers, making it a world language. It is important to have a command of Spanish because as economic, political and cultural relations with Spain as well as with Central and South America grow, a good command of Spanish is becoming increasingly essential. Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world.

Professional training with a native speaker


I am from the Dominican Republic, where Spanish is the official language. I came to Germany in 1992 and became a state-approved foreign language assistant. I not only have a perfect command of Spanish, but also of German, French and English. I have been teaching Spanish since 2007.

I offer you the opportunity to study professionally with a native speaker. With my help and tips, you will quickly master the grammar and pronunciation. And I will teach you the nuances of the language. Spanish is easy!

Your advantages at Escuela de Español "Vamos"